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Estate Hunts

On his private land the hunter can find trophy pure strain Kansas Whitetail subspecies, trophy bull elk, trophy Trans-Caspian Urials, pure strain Mouflon sheep and trophy Fallow deer.

Stan has the largest herd of pure strain Kansas Whitetail subspecies in the world. Bucks in the 130 to 200 + class are available. All bull elk are 6x6 or better with 7x7, 8x7 and even larger available, with B&C scores of 280 to 400+.

Trans-Caspian Urial rams up to 40+ inches are also available. World class Mouflons up to 35 inches can be found as well as trophy Fallow bucks.
All costs on deer and elk are based upon gross total B&C score.


elk elk2
393 Gross  
ram elk3
deer deer2
194 Gross 174 Gross
elk4 deer3
bison ram2
We also book African Hunts with Steyn Caracal Safaris

To Book A Hunt

A 50% deposit at the time of booking is required. No dates will be held without the deposit. The deposit will be applied toward the final fee.

Hunt Ethics

All legal attempts will be made to recover a wounded animal however if all attempts fail the hunter is responsible for the full price of the hunt.

Estate Hunts Pricing
Prices start at $2,000
Premiere Hunts
Trophy Elk Estate Hunts
Youth & Management Hunts
All refuge hunts are for two days.
Non-hunters are welcome at $200 per day.
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